I am passionate about helping people like you start and grow their retail business. Starting a shop isn’t easy and whether you’re struggling to get your head around VAT registration, taking on your first employee or signing a lease, I can help you. I have a wealth of experience in gaining funding, whether it’s from banks, crowdfunding or investors.

I am a multi award winning entrepreneur with over 21 years of retail experience and 19 years of running a successful bricks and mortar shop. I’ve experienced all the highs (rapid expansion, fantastic reviews, winning awards) and all the lows (recession, redundancies and arrears) so I can bring a wealth of knowledge and advice to your business.

By working with me you will benefit from all of my years of industry experience and have someone there to help you with all the challenges you face. I have been teaching people how to launch their business and develop their enterprise on a formal basis since 2018. Head over to my testimonials page to see what my clients have to say about working with me.